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Enjoy the good life

A good nights rest is a top performance too and we know just where to find the best spots. There’s actually no reason to stay in a mountain lodge unless it’s part of your training regime. Our athletes are accommodated in exclusively selected renown four star hotels at splendid locations with unforgettable views and local hospitality. All hotels we cooperate with offer a range of sports and wellness facilities, a variety of nutritional balanced culinary treats and luxury rooms that make you feel at home. So after a long day of performing, have a good rest. Not only do you need it, you deserve it.
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Discover the ultra clean playground

Davos’ mountainous climate is unique due to the combination of sun and fresh air. The air is practically free of allergens and atmospheric pollutants and therefor often called ‘Champagne air’. It's qualities are ideal for performance improvement for any sports or activity where aerobic oxygen delivery is a premium. We believe that the use of this world class area can’t just be taken for granted. Davos Performance creates an environment in which researchers can excel, both by contributing to a stimulating context and by providing practical support in optimising altitude training effects.
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Training smarter, not harder

Why guess what you can actually measure with the highest precision? Sure, hard work and extensive training is part of the job and altitude training definitely helps. But what’s the use of hard labour when results have not been measured beforehand? Either you are an individual athlete or member of a training group, the first step is always an extensive performance test at the Davos Performance Center.
We will identify your personal lactate threshold and your aerobic zones as well as your personal optimum build-up base & recovery days balance which most athletes tend to underestimate.
Then we provide a personal fitness dashboard ready for new goals. The final step is the know how: we will exactly tell you how to maximise your performance in a 100% personal improvement plan. A personal coach will be appointed to you. The only thing we ask you to do, is to give it all you’ve got. And that’s quite something.
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More red guys

Independent from used protocols, the body will acclimate to the relative lack of oxygen in one or more ways such as increasing the mass of red blood cells and haemoglobin, or altering muscle metabolism. When athletes return to lower altitudes they still have a higher concentration of red blood cells which gives them a significant competitive advantage. Before you read on, let’s be clear that we are dedicated to get the most out of your potential. That’s why we offer ultra modern test facilities and improved training methods supported by the world’s best experts in altitude training effects.
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Hunting high and low

All athletes seek a competitive advantage, don’t they? Training at high altitude is used by athletes as a means of further improving their potential. Where the air is much thinner, bodies have to work harder. Exposing the body to high altitude causes it to acclimatise to the lower level of oxygen available in the atmosphere. Most of the changes that improve the oxygen delivery to the muscles are the result of acclimatisation. More oxygen, better performance. That’s what it’s all about.
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